Mydaki is a real estate marketing company that makes your Property management easier and renting convenient for renters. With just a few clicks, you add your property for rent or rent on mydaki

To upload property on my daki, It's super easy. Just create and verify your account and then click on add property. Ensure you chose a location on the map so as to make your property available to viewers in a location range.

Anyone who has a property either you are an agent, a landlord or an hotel manager.

No, there's no limit.

No, most of the properties listed belong to the agents and landlords.

When payments are made, the money gets credited in your wallet once a user pays for a property and will be witheld for 2 days in the case of Long rents (Hostel, Apartment) and upon confirmation for short rents. You can make request in your wallet and money will be deposited in the next working day.

Lease terms are the terms by which you lease or rent a property.

Yes, you can only upload 10 files with maximum file size of 2.

Mydaki supports all major browser.