Lesson from the movie Fearless

One of my goals as a young entrepreneur is to become one of the Forbes Africa 30 under 30.

I have always desired to put Africa on the map,by letting the world know about her brilliant potentials.

My voice must be heard and my ideas are valid are the words I echo to myself every second.

I need no alarm to wake me up from my sleep or any drink containing caffeine to keep me awake.

I work on my mind daily and feed my brain with knowledge by learning new skill and taking on different challenges.

However during my leisure times, I love listening to music and watching movies especially Chinese movies.

One of my favourite Chinese actors is Li Lianjie (popularly known as Jet Li).

He’s a great martial artist and I love to watch his amazing and interesting stunts. I also love how he overcomes obstacles in his movies even when it looks impossible. No mission is ever impossible to Jet Li.

He improves his skills rather than accept defeat when he realises that his opponent is stronger than he is.

This gave me a mindset as an entrepreneur that success is predictable, and so is failure.

No matter the difficulties or challenges faced, rather than focusing your energy on how big the problem is, think within and take actions to defeat the problem. Get the necessary skills and information to do better.

Today I want to share with you two moral lessons I learnt from his movie – FEARLESS


Pride is a good servant but a bad MASTER.
When pride is a servant, it is called CONFIDENCE. But when it becomes a master and direct your actions and decision making it is perceived as ARROGANCE.

Huo Yuanjia (who was Jet Li’s character in the movie) was a young and vibrant fighter who has got the best fighting skills in the whole of Tianjin town.

He challenges every competitor in the open and win. He enjoys the fame and spend lavishly on drinks and parties.

There’s nothing wrong with winning and celebrating yourself.

However whenever pride becomes the master, sooner than expected that individual will surely fail.

Huo Yuanjia made a terrible mistake that cost him his life and that of his family.

He confronted Qin on his birthday and killed him in front of his family based on assumptions.

He felt he was too good to make a mistake so he did not bother to verifying the claims made against Qin.

He later found out the truth which left him wrecked with guilt for years after the incident.

As a young vibrant and skillful entrepreneur, you must know how to manage pride as you go up the ladder of success. Pride is a killer of success


Rest is earned and enjoyed by the hardworking and abused by the lazy fellows.

In his new found home, Huo Yuanjia realised that he has to unlearn so many things and relearn new ways of living. He learnt the value of compassion, mercy and rest.

As a martial artist, he is used to doing things faster and getting it done on time. So when he had the opportunity to repay his benefactor for saving his life, he was ready to do more than was expected of him.

Speed with no direction leads to frustration and the magnitude of workdone does not determines success if not, many hard workers would have become successful today.

Slow and steady wins the race, therefore, find time to rejuvenate, take vacations, and distance yourself from work so that you can have a clear and sharp mind to tackle obstacles.



Be fearless, but not arrogant!