Authenticity and positive perception are the two words that have never been associated with Africa.

She is seen as a toddler and a dependent individual. She is often regarded as a flock of sheep with lifeless shepherds and a continent of the menace.

There is a popular saying among average Africans that nothing works in Africa.

This is because so many dreams have been shattered and destroyed in Africa. There are so many of her citizens who had lost hope in her glory.

However against all odds, Africa continues to rise, producing great and intelligent minds who are now challenging the status quo and changing these negative narratives about the continent.

There is a new Africa emerging, a citadel of hope and greatness. A continent where accountability and transparency are the watchword of her leaders, leaders who are striving to provide her citizens with quality education.

Africa must continue to rise. Her government must continue to implement favourable governmental policies to facilitate the growth of small and medium scale businesses and also encourage intra-continental business transactions.

Over the years, we have seen ideas or innovations transform this world and we have also seen old and new businesses contribute greatly to the economies and images of countries around the world. This means that businesses have a major role to play in building a country or a continent.

Business leaders and founders must focus greatly on building a quality established business that automatically transforms into a good image for the business industry and in the long run affects the image of the continent.
Business owners must realize that although their businesses make them rich, it also gives the continent a good image.

Quality business translates into profit, good brand image, employment, and it also attracts more investments and contribute to the continent’s overall economic growth and development.

Africa is a blessed land flowing with milk and honey. It is a citadel of potentials. A land of peace and tranquillity with beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It is a haven of freedom, blessed with several natural resources.

African leaders must continue to sponsor entrepreneurs, encourage authenticity, empower farmers, artisans and technological innovations. Africans must also appreciate their products and accommodate their fellow Africans.

In ensuring a new Africa, every individual has a role to play and the onus to build a better Africa, therefore, changing the old narratives about the continent is the responsibility of all Africans, including those in the diaspora.


Africa Unite!


Blessing Kusi Awuah
Olayiwola Babatunde Emmanuel