It is no new news how the unsuspected COVID-19 has brought a total lockdown of most states and has affected most things including businesses. The uninteresting part of this entire COVID-19 admist 5G Saga (Don’t tell me you are not aware) is that we don’t know when the entire thing will come to an end(I pray this ends soon).

Meanwhile, It’s important we carefully and wisely maximise our time as we see from the quote below

Success is determined by how best you can utilize your time

Sunday Adelaja

I understand that some may be faced with a challenge of “what can I do this time?”
Here are a few things you can do with your time that can make you become better after the entire situation

  1. Learn something new
    You’ll agree with me that most economy has been affected with the current situation of the globe. My predictions are that countries in an avenue to cater for the sustained loss during the COVID-19 Lockdown may have to increase production to ensure maximum production hence opportunities to people with proven relevant skills. Debunk the saying that There’s no Job, There’s Job only that we don’t have what it takes to get one. So this period, You can consider taking a Diploma on any course, Allison is best for that, or If you are looking to add to your skillset, you can try Udemy, Udacity and Coursera. While there are few free courses on these platforms, most of the courses are paid. As a bonus. I’ll leave you with this list of free courses.
  2. Freelance and Volunteering
    For some people with skills in fields like Graphics Design, Song production, Writing e.t.c to mention a few, It’ll be interesting to let you know that you can make some extra cash or create for yourself an opportunity which can be leveraged after the whole situation. Some of the freelancing platforms includes Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance and Workana. Volunteering to fight COVID-19 either through public awareness or Some other means can be an opportunity for someone else. Here are some volunteering opportunities available.
  3. Eat and Rest Well While Some of the the the higlighted items above may seem more of intellectuals. It’s important to take care of the Body also and see that the body is fit to carry out all the above-listed. Feed well and take a lot of time to rest. Take afternoon nap and rest well at night. Some workout may also be of help to keep the body fit.
  4. Have some fun Spend some time with God, family and friends, Take some bingos (Here’s one here), Play Games. I’ve been hoping to find games I can try. You can suggest to me any interesting game via the comment section.

As we hope to see COVID-19 come to an end soon, Let’s constantly raise our voice in Prayers to God for the family of the deceased, the Sick ones, the medical team and our leaders.

Stay Safe and Stay at home.

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