In this season of COVID 19, with total lockdown of few states in Nigeria. It is no longer a news that lots of small and medium scale businesses would be affected by this sudden change.
However, during these period of isolation and quarantine. I have decided to share with you few things that you can do to sustain your business in this period.


Ensure you protect yourself by taking the safety measures against the current pandemic COVID- 19;

  • Wash your hands often
  • Don’t pick your nose, eyes and don’t touch your face.
  • Avoid handshakes
  • Practice social distancing of at least one metre.
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly
  • Go to the hospital if you start showing symptoms or call your state help line.


I would advise that you pay more attention to your staff welfare this period. Your mind could get clouded with the nosedive in your sales and tend to neglect the welfare of your staff during this period.
To an extent the cash flow in your business would be affected and you would be tempted to relief
some of your staff off their duties. However, I want you to consider the stress and challenges involved in recruiting. Better than reducing your staff load, this is the time to show love and concern to them.

  1. Have scheduled virtual meetings via Skype, Zoom etc.
  2. Build good Networking with your Staff.
  3. Get interested in their safety.
  4. Provide relief fund for them if you can.
    All these would go a long way to strengthen your come back after this season.


Customers remain the integral part of entrepreneurship and this is why treating them as kings should be your number one priority.
Therefore during this season,

  1. Take out time to train your staff on how to improve on customer service
  2. Improve your customer feedback service.
  3. Focus more on making more customers than sales.
  4. Strengthen and build relationship with your customers both the old and new.
    Send out safety and concern messages to them via email, sms and social media. Show and let them know that you care.
  5. Build and invest in your online community. Make your social media contents rich and catchy.